Sunday, December 11, 2011

HoHoDooda - December 11

Ooops. Ran out of paper  on the left there. But you can use your imagine and I can fix later. A little livelier Santa tonight. That's always good. Perhaps I should have mentioned, in this scene Santa is happy about the winter weather. I hope this doesn't sound like an excuse, but because this Santa is for a particular story, I feel that he has to stay within  certain perameters. If I were brainstorming Santas for cards or giftware, I think I'd try a lot more stylization and variation. Does that make sense? I could be wrong, but that's the way it feels to me anyway.

See what Linda and Laura have been up to on this doodle day! And thanks or dropping by!


sketched out said...

I hear what you're saying. He's pretty darn cute, regardless!

Adam said...

Lovely jolly saint you've got there, Marion!

Marion Eldridge said...

Thanks much, Linda and Adam. Maybe after I feel like i've finished with this guy (though that probably will never happen) I'll try some really stylized ones - would be fun!