Monday, December 5, 2011

HoHoDooda - December 5th

Corporal Cracker commands you to have a Happy Holiday Season! So there!

I have a small collection of nutcrackers. One is musical. I wanted to do something with a nutcracker or nutcrackers for this doodle challenge. When I took a close look at our musical nutcracker, for the first time, I realized he was looking pretty PO'd. Hah! I never really gave him such a close look before. Ah well, I guess it wouldn't be the Holiday Season without somebody being stressed out, PO'd or just plain grouchy. So, listen up! Have a Happy Holiday! I think it will make Corporal Cracker happy. I doubt that he'll show it though.

Stop by Linda and Laura's blogs to see their daily December doodle. They are very good at making people happy with their wonderful drawing.


Ms. Moffatt said...

Yes sir! I will have a happy Christmas. Great sketch Marion.

Marion Eldridge said...

Thanks Judy!

sketched out said...

I know, those guys are a grim bunch, but I love them too. It's just not Christmas without a couple two three of those grumpy guys around.

Nice job capturing the expression and great line. Love that it's a closeup too.

Marion Eldridge said...

Thank you, Linda! So well said! Thanks!

Liza Woodruff said...

Love it. Watch your fingers!!