Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sneak peak and October surprise!

This is a sneak peak at a small portion of a bigger project that I've been working on. It seemed appropriate for me to post this unhappy little shoveller now. We had a surprise snowstorm in my area. Actually, the whole northeast of the US had it. Around here, snow in October is pretty much unheard of. Or, at least, it was. Halloween has been postponed in our town. BOO! Lots of tree damage and lots of power out. The trouble was that all the trees still have their leaves, so the weight of the snow brought a lot of trees and big limbs down. Boo!

So,this little guy wasn't created because of this storm. If he had been, maybe there would be the hint of a Halloween costume peaking out from under his coat and lots of trees down in his yard. Boo!

But, in our town, he can go trick or treating this coming Friday! Yay! And, BOO!


Ann Marie DiVecchia said...

Sweet illustration, Marion. Would love to see more of your new project. Hope you will post!
This was a perfect post for this strange storm!

June said...

The snow was a really mean trick to spoil all the trick or treating! I hope the weather improves for the postponed halloween, and that this littly guy has a great costume ready for the fun! Good luck with your project, and keep warm :o)

sketched out said...

Just love his expression! And although this is a small piece of a bigger image, I like the composition of the crop. Your line quality is just wonderful, as usual! Hope to see the whole thing some day!!! Love it!

k.h.whitaker said...

Marion, long time no see ;) Hope all is well with you. This is really cute. I love his expression. Stay warm ;)

Marion Eldridge said...

Thank you so much everyone! Thanks for not giving up on me - it's been a long absence. Thanks also for the well wishes RE our postponed Halloween and that crazy storm! There was a smaller than usual trick or treater group this year, but great costumes. And, I'm always so impressed with how polite the kids are!
Linda, thanks for the comment on the crop and the line!
Thanks to everyone for such lovely comments and for being such loyal followers! I think I'm back on a roll again. Thank goodness! And, yes, I'll be posting some finishes and some more sneak peaks.
Can't thank you enough for such great comments!

michele said...

Hi Marion, nice to see you here!
You really did a great job capturing this exasperated expression. Hope you get a break from the surprise snowstorms for the time being- Sending you a little sunshine from CA- :o)

Marion Eldridge said...

Hi Michele!
So nice to hear from you! And thank your for your well wishes about the weather. I think we got your sunshine this week, it's been beautiful! And, as always,thanks for the kind words of encouragement! (that's the way I always take it anyway!) Much appreciated.
Thanks for stopping by!

Ms. Moffatt said...

Cute little guy, and perfect for our crazy weather. Will be looking for the bigger post to come.