Friday, May 31, 2013

Whew! Too Hot!

Not a fan of summer here!
I haven't posted in a long time. Last time it was cold and wintry.
Now look what's happened! What's a kid to do!?!
(Don't forget to click if you'd like to see a bigger view.)


k.h.whitaker said...

That's how my son feels. It's not even really hot here yet but he is wishing it were winter again already ;) Nice to "see" you Marion :D

Marion Eldridge said...

Nice to hear from you, k.h.! I'm so NOT a fan of summer, so I'm with him!

Anonymous said...

<>What's the temperature at your place<>

Marion Eldridge said...

Hello, bopaula! Today was perfect, about 70 F. But the day I posted that photo it was in the 90's and miserable! Hope it's nice where you are!