Saturday, November 28, 2009

Welcome Virginia!

This is a card that I did recently. It was inspired by photos of the beautiful, brand new baby of a fellow illustrator. This is the final version with type added in Photoshop. Lots of colored pencil. This is one technique that I use. I hadn't used colored pencil for a long time. Most of what I do in color these days is painted in Alkyds. It was nice to get back to the pencils for this piece though. Below, you can see the steps to it's completion - in reverse order. I did greeting cards years ago. It was nice to get back to that too, with a little different, hopefully updated style. Updated, at least to the style that feels more like me these days - for this type of thing. Still experimenting with the ratio of paint to pencil though - as well as the type of paint.

Here's the underpainting. Light acrylic washes. I'm not good at blending acrylics, but they lay the groundwork for the next step - colored pencil. This is a bit of an experiment. Similar to the way I've worked in the distant past, but also a little different. Long technical story!

I suppose I should show the earliset versions of this sketch - much messier! That makes for a richer looking sketch, but mine tend to be so messy that they can be hard for anyone but me to read. This very clean version is what I print onto watercolor paper to produce the finish. I print at a low opacity so that nothing will show through on the final version. My earlier, messier sketch was also much more realistic. It looked like a Gerber baby. Not that there's anything wrong with that! It just felt way too realistic for me --- now.


Anonymous said...

Marion, I love this picture! Its sooo cute!

Marion, are you the same Marion that is friends with Lisa Peruchini?

Marion Eldridge said...

Hello Anonymous,
No sorry, I don't think I know Lisa. Might I ask how you found my blog? Maybe I'm forgetting something that I should be remembering! Thanks for the nice comment about the artwork!

Paula Pertile said...

I love this Marion!

I'm fiddling with doing paint under and colored pencils over as well. Watercolor and gouache for me. Acrylics scare me.

Marion Eldridge said...

Thanks so much, Paula!

Funny - I'm afraid of watercolor! Though the way I used the acrylic here, it might as well have been watercolor. What I'd really like to do is combine alkyd with pencil. Do more with the paint and less with the pencil. But, we'll see.

Nice to compare notes! Thanks for dropping by!

Ann Marie DiVecchia said...

What a sweet card this is, Marion!! It was fun to see your process,too.