Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Art for PBAA

Here's a sneak peak at my summer art for the Picture Book Artist's Association (PBAA) Summer Edition. New art is featured four times per year on the PBAA website.


Anonymous said...

Wow for some reason I couldn't post a comment at first. . .third times a charm.

Marion I read your blog posts via my Blog reader. So I scroll down all the latest posts to the blogs I subscribe to without really knowing whose is whose. I scroll until I find something that intrigues or catches my eye.

Well guess what? I scrolled down and saw your wonderful art and thought "Wow I really like this one." Then of course I realized why. . .it was yours!!!

It's such a great illustration, so warm and the characters are perfect. Sure to catch an AD's eye. . .

Marion Eldridge said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marion Eldridge said...

Ooooohh! Thank you so much for your very kind comment. This image is actually cropped from a larger (wider) piece. Eventually, it will be a header on the BOOKS page of my website. So, there's more to come. Thanks again!

p.s. I just had to remove a previous comment that I made - typo! That's the comment that was removed by the author - sounds so awful! I was just censoring myself.